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Deformed steel bar
Strip Steel
Wire Rod
H Beam
Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBFS OR GBFS)
Round bar
Angle Steel
Channel steel
Cold rolled steel coil
Electrical Steel
Electro galvanized steel sheet
Flat steel
Hot dip galvanized steel coil
Hot rolled plate
Hot rolled steel coil
Low alloy steel plate
Medium Plate
Open flat steel plate
Pickled steel coil
Prepainted steel coil,Prepainted steel sheet
Shipbuilding plate
Square tube,Rectangular tube
Stainless cold rolled steel plate
Steel Billet (Square steel)
Steel Packing Belt
Steel pipe
Steel sheet pile
Steel strand
Steel wire rod
Steel wire
Vessel steel plate
Zinc coating strip steel,Zinc coating steel coil
Checkered coil/plate

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Hanker International Group (China) Co., Limited is a China professional steel company operating steel trade and production, involved steel export products including H-beam, Rolled steel coil, Angle iron, I-beam, Strip steel, Channel steel, Steel sheet pile, Hot rolled coil, Cold Roll Coil, Hot rolled sheet, Billet, Wire rod, deformed steel bar, reinforcing steel bar, round bar, prepainted steel plate/coil (PPGI/PPGL/PPGF), C steel etc. ...      More>>

H beam H beam
Knowledge of H beam: Hot-rolled H section steel specifications, the weight of ho ...
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Wire rod Wire rod
Wire rod: one of the steel wire, usually refers to a steel wire rod rolled down ...
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Strip steel Strip steel
Strip steel winding form is divided into two kinds of style, straight row and re ...
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Deformed steel bar Deformed steel bar
1. Product line: Deformed steel bar2. Material standard:   201/202/301 ...
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Steel wire rod Steel wire rod
diameter/mm ...
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Steel pipe Steel pipe
Commodity ...
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Square tube,Rectangular tube Square tube,Rectangular tube
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Open flat steel plate Open flat steel plate
Commodity ...
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I-beam I-beam
Type Sect ...
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Hot dip galvanized steel coil Hot dip galvanized steel coil
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Cold rolled steel coil Cold rolled steel coil
Commodity ...
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Channel steel Channel steel
Type Sect ...
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